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  • Edit Ephedrine from 24hreup tested legit

  • runningman123   •   Sat, Oct 17th, '20 11:45   •   5 replies, 158 views

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Reagent turning yellow indicates legit Ephedrine. 24hreup can be a bit more expensive than some others but at least I know it is 100% legit. I can usually tell just by taking it and then doing some sprints. If it makes me cough mucous Im pretty sure its real. But there are plenty of fakes out there, so Im happy to keep sourcing from 24hreup since I know it is 100% legit.


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No, they are 25mg tablets, I crushed one up and dropped it into the test vial. The test vial has a reagent in it that will turn yellow if it detects ephedrine in whatever powder you drop into the vial.

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All oral ephedrine tablets are banned from pharmacies since 2017 GrowMore. I used them to learn and stay awake after a long working day.

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Not true. Oral Edphedrine is readily available over the counter all over Moose Country. :-) In fact, they are sold mostly at Gas Stations/Truck stops. Interestingly the United States bans the use of Edphedrine but permits Yohimbine, while Moose Country banned Yohimbine but legally sells Edphedrine tabs. The product 24 carries is actually a popular brand in that country.

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He lives in Russia. You can legally buy Ephedrine in the US as a bronchodilator. Like Bronchaid. You just can't sell it as a fat burner. It's only dangerous when it competes w prescription weight loss drugs. According to the FDA.