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4 Test A
2 Tren A

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youngbeast's picture

how long did it take to arrive? i want to buy their hgh kits

Detroitnate's picture

4 days after he told me it was shipping and that’s during this whole Covid shit so I’d say good shipping times

brujah123's picture

Yeah, I really don't like how that Trenbolone looks.

Zanda's picture

Hey big man, what about the look of the tren don’t you like?

brujah123's picture

It does look quite cloudy to me – however, I concede that this may be due to the small thumbnail size and/or the surface.

Detroitnate's picture

I think i took some bad pics because it’s clear as can be

Zanda's picture

Oh, I hear ya, I think it’s actually a combo of the surface it’s displayed on and the pic quality. Reason I say is because I’m running the same tren ace from him and it’s the same amber color but def NOT cloudy at all. Hope that helps big homie!

brujah123's picture

That's splendid to read! I was and still am interested in sampling his Mast P somewhen soon (especially at 200 mg/ml). ;)

2gymrat's picture

Looks filled to the top. Not sure if that's a good surface for a picture though.

Samsung86's picture

Exactly the tren looks cloudy as hell