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  • Pounds23   •   Tue, Jun 23rd, '20 23:53   •   3 replies, 155 views

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Got in on enhanced body's test e 250 promo got three vials came super quick, I just started pinning it today, oil is nice and clean pinned super smooth, I'll know tomorrow if there is any pip but there should be with test e pinned my delt. I go to the doctors tomorrow and I'll make sure I get a script for blood work and make sure they add in to check my test levels and igf1 cause I have some blacktops that I also wanna get tested to see where that's at, the test levels will prob be a capped test it doesn't matter cause I'm only running a trt dose of 125mgs, gunna have to wait a CPL weeks for this to kick in I figure I'll wait three weeks and go and getem done. And I'll make sure I grab my other labs when I'm there from when I had my baseline test done which came back at 225 so that's why I decided to hop on just a small trt dose being it came back that low. Everything look good vials are nice good crimps everything looks really good and it was really smooth , deff smoother then the dp test e I was using... I'll post up the bloods in a CPL weeks once this test kicks in


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  • 1 week ago

I like how it ain’t labeled that’s pretty cool lmao I’d resell twice it’s value to my friends lol

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U could deff do that it was super smooth no pip at all the next day, pinned my delt really can't even tell that I pinned it