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  • Pounds23   •   Thu, Oct 17th, '19 15:54   •   4 replies, 176 views

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So I put an order in for some goods figured it'd be a good time to stock up on some items iv been wanting. I decided to grab some more Bayer primo to add to my stock, I have about 80-100 Bayer amps now in stock which should be close to enough to run a nice cycle of legit pharma primo. The one I have here are the newer version, I remember reading an article that Bayer was gunna make some changes to the amp and to the box, the newer box has the little dents in it I'll actually take a picture and show ya, but I did double check and scanned all the boxes with the app and all completely checked out one hundred percent. The leaflet were exactly right also nice thin paper none of that thick paper shit the use for the fakes. The primo is also super thick which is a great sign also legit pharma primo is very clear and clean looking, it's usually so thick it's hard to get it out of the neck, so I know these are good rb stuff is always legit. Also with the Balkan I got the new test cyp boxes and amps which I actually like I noticed also with the Balkan test cyp and parabolan the oil is thick not as thick of the primo but I believe it's thick cause Balkan is basically as close as pharma if not pharma as u can get. Now ull see two different amps with the Balkan parabolan that's cause one is the older style amps and the other is the newer style amps. Those both are deffenitly legit too I checked both parabolans and the test cyp on the Balkan verifying system and all checked out. Can't wait to try legit probably dosed tren hex which will be my first time and I deff don't plan on running it high . I see some guys running tren at like 800mgs to me that's nuts and they don't even compete, I could see maybe if u compete but still even competing that's high I think if u gotta use that much competitive bb ain't for u I believe that's my opinion though. I'll probably stay around the 200-300mg a week area, test cyp I'll keep around the same probably 300mgs, I also grabbed some legit pharma grade anavar there only 2.5mgs but iv wanted to try legit pharma grade var and compare it to ugl stuff to see if there really is a difference I'll probably keep the dosage around 15-20mgs see how that feels at first, also grabbed some pharma clomid always good to stay stocked on pct meds and I believe in always using pharma grade for your ais and pct meds this way ur not guessing if there elegit or over or underdosed. I also took a shot and grabbed a bunch of injectable vitamin B12 just been feeling alil tired and run down, figured I'd optimize my B12 and energy. So the primo will go into my primo stock probably for spring/summer it's what I like to use during summer. I find it alil better then using tren in the summer I just feel healthier not always sweating and if I'm on a decent diet along with some pharma hgh i look just as decent and I don't have to deal with some of the negative sides of tren, now on the same time tren is unreplaceable. Thank you RB and the team they literally kept me updated through the whole order I didn't even have to ask them for anything. I got constant emails and reminded trackers sent, alot of the times my answer was already answered all I had to do was log in and go to my ticket and all the info and trackers I needed were right there in my ticket.... And I was really surprised these packs came faster then usually ta was only like 10 days and the other came the next day 11 or 12 on the second. They came in two packs pharma came in one and the Balkan came in another but super fast. I literally don't use any other info sources no source comes close to RB and his customer service the guy has never once got mad or said anything wise or lost his temper, he literally talks to me like a friend would and to me that means alot and makes me feel way more comfortable expecially when RB says hey no matter what we will get u ur pack brother, that is why I keep coming back an ordering from him, plus I never have to worry weither the pharma.items are gunna be legit all the times iv bought pharma gh from him it's been amazing, and has always checked out and I'm talking multiple 72iu humas and Pfizer Geno's and u can tell the difference between legit gh and pharma and generics, plus his prices are the best straight up, I plan on trying his saziens next. I can't say enough positive things about RB and his team iv seen him loose money to make sure a custie get his pack that's a true src.

20 amps of Bayer primo
25 amps of B12
20 amps of Balkan parabolan
10 amps of Balkan test cyp
150 pharma grade 2.5mg anavar/Deroloxan
20 pharma grade kocak clomid 50mg tablet


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  • jp82088
  • 4 weeks ago

Beautiful order.

Correct Bro, The new Rimos have redesigned packaging with braile for the blind and the serial #s changed again.

Rb is a solid source and one of the best.

Take care and stay safe.


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Thanks brother can't wait to use this stuff

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  • 4 weeks ago

This Tren will kick your ass! Enjoy the great order, pharma Var. , wow thats really rare!

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I hope man that's what I hear, that's why I plan on keeping it low, I'll keep ya updated on the var too