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  • pickle   •   Mon, Feb 4th, '19 16:47   •   3 replies, 280 views

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Entered the pmroids promo last year and forgot to check winners over the holidays, pmroids was nice enough to reach out directly and let me know i was one of the winners. Ordering was easy and the website layout was impressive. Going to be transitioning to the DP test in a little over a month with bloods to follow.


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  • Mcos
  • 2 months ago

cant wait for my results of test c:)

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  • 2 months ago

Nice surprise there.

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Noticed the right one in the picture is crashed. Strange. Its stored in the same place as DHB, T400, and a bunch of other high MG or typically unstable gear. Did hair dryer and that got most of it, tried hot water for about 30 minutes and still a few shards left. Pesky little bastard.