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+ 2 Crashed 1-TEST CYP (DHB)


Just got some 1-TEST CYP (DHB) in.

This is my first time receiving crashed gear,

To my knowledge I would just have to reheat it up so it can turn back to normal.

If anyone has suggestions, tips, to reheat it the simplest way possible, please feel free to share it with me as it would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't order DHB in the winter, crashes every time I get it.

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A heating pad or stove top on low or coffee pot will work great.

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Everyone below has you covered regarding the resusupension. I would add however- be sure to check under the stopper for crystals. All it takes is one little shard to stick around and it's gonna completely re-crash. I had a similar experience w/some NPP a while back. Good luck and enjoy!

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I like the hair dryer method, or suspending in bowl over a pan in hot water.

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My test cyp. From walmart is currently crashing at home right now.

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Brrrrrrr...turn on the heater. Lol

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The house is set at 69. Not stored in any crazy way or place. Just happens on occasion.

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Dam that is hot as hell to me. I like it 66 also propane was expensive as hell to fill. Just throw a sweatshirt on and I am good.

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Just teasin. Ours is at 66 and wear a sweatshit if chilly.

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I personally wouldn't use it. Just send it to me and I'll discard it for you. Lol

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Did the same to me. Means it is good. I just used this and it is awesome a little pip at 2mls mixed with test. I put mine on a wax warmer for about 15 minutes and shook it up. Stayed that way for a week and then crashed a little again but just warmed up again and pinned. Bro you are going to be happy with it. Mine was with the older labels though. Shouldn't make a difference but just wanted to throw that out there. Their stuff is awesome not just this but all of their stuff. I have used almost everything they have made and been more then happy.

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Wax warmer...gotta try that!

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Works great. I use to use a hair dryer but it had some safety feature that it wouldn't stay hot to long and I hate doing it that way now that I found the wax warmer. So yea I put it on a wax warmer hop, then take a shower and by the time I am ready to pin it is good to go. Also I use it for higher concentration oils just not as long seems to have less pip and goes in smoother.

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Crashed gear is one of two things...Not enough solvents were used to dissolve hormone or...Too much hormone was used. The hormone itself isn't damaged though. I've had Test C that was crashed solid lol. A lil warm water in a pot and good to go. It did have some pip though because of its concentration lol

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And yes the cold weather can crystallize the hormone, making it crash

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Forum.....tis the season for crashed gear.

I set it on coffee hotplate. Swirl it. Use gloves! Hot!