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I've been running this kidney support for the last 12 weeks and ran the Tudca for a month and was wondering if this stuff can or should be run consecutively month to month to month through cycle and through PCT. I read on a couple of occasions that this Tudca can be tough on vitals and should be run every other month but I wanted to find a concurer

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Dyspeptic, chronic Hep, lowered Ast and alt. Kinda cool you found this journal article, and I'm glad it was a straight forward, easy read. 2 months at 500mgs split into 2 yielded a lower 11% and 14% alt and ast. Well, I've been using only 250mgs which is half of what the samples group was given in the study. And I've Had Hep C years back but resolved it with meds and a blood transfusion due to a bowel blockage a.couple of years back:Dyspeptic- I had to look this term up and I also relate due to this prior surgery. I've been on for 4 weeks, I'm going to take off for 4 weeks then split 500mgs for this up and coming intensive PCT. According to this read amd the results, I should do great in relation to liver enzymes. I do need to add milk thistle and a few other things. I had some great gains on this cycle amd will finish strong. I do plan on running HGH and may not do AAS any more or may just mess around here and there.
Thank you for posting this. You nailed it, read my mind and my body as if you already knew wht I've been through. Perfect and amazing

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Should be fine for at least 3 months. There was no Ill effect at the 3 month of this study, so I'd assume another 1-2 wouldn't cause a problem. I'd stop them asap, no point in adding extra bile salts into a healthy liver...


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Thank you. Amazing. You just blew my mind. An answer from above and beyond. I'm about out of Test Acetate thank god cause Test is shit for me. I just get sides, even on low dose. I'll run HCG soon for final 2 weeks of cycle, substituting for the Test A, and will run it til the start of PCT, short ester cycle but ran Eq 450mgs up til a couple weeks ago so it should be cleared soon