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Boldo 500 promo Teamroids


Just got my promo from Teamroids a few days ago, already started it. It tooked exactly 2 weeks which is much faster than last time I've ordered from them.
I've noticed that there is not 1 single bottle with the same amount of liquid in the para pharma boldo 500 (the alignement of the sticker mess your judgement as well lol). Last time I've finished a vial I've measured 8.6ml. And it was ANOTHER source. I am not good at measuring, as most of the 10ml bottle from other brand give me about 9,5ml. So I will guess my last bottle was around 9-9,5ml. Also taking just 1ml at a time make it worse as there is of course some liquid in the needle. It's more accurate when you take say 2ml per liquid. Anyway just food for thought. So the one from Teamroids hose look more than my last one.
And those ones are darker not as clear as the old ones I got few months back. Don't get me wrong I still love the brand and I will do a review soon. HUGE THANKS for Teamroids again !
Pics are all same vials, just different angle.

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I remember trying those out and man the pip was horrible, I couldn’t handle it, then again that was me, it might not be as bad for other guys.

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I never had an issue with boldo 500.

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How's the pip with the 500 eq

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Absolutely zero issue at this point.

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Damn bro you're splitting hairs. This source and gear doesn't get any better.

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Like I said, I'm very happy with TeamRoids.
And this Boldenone brand is my favorite one by far !!

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Have you tried heating them up? Are you in a colder region?

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Well it's winter so you might be right.

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levels look pretty equal to me