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+ 4 BM Pharmaceuticals Testovorin Depot-250


Just received these 10 amps of Testovorin Depot-250. Packaging appears very good though not finding alot of information about this specific product. I received this for free from I will be trying this out shortly and will update.

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I purchased 50 of these from their sister site OS, not used many they're not my favourite. Was impressed at first with packaging etc and first time went in my leg very smooth zero pip worked as it should. I did exactly the same for the next two times and was limping for a couple of days could barely move my leg I don't know why I reacted to it those 2 times when not the first, so I switched to glutes last couple of times and had no problems. I was impressed with amps being easy to break, but one completely broke so lost an amp but they're cheap so no big deal. I'd still prefer to use something other than BP personally. Just received their sus in same promo, but yet to use it.

10 of these are $40 on OS. That's $16 with promo. Very cheap. Enjoy +1

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This is great to hear that you think they are good. I've been trying to research them online and there's not alot of info at all. I think my best bet is to mix these along with more test, so 1 amp a week of this with another brand I already have. I already know the other brand is good since I've used the same batches previously, so if blood levels are low I'll know why.

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It was sent for free so I'm not complaining. I didn't even have to pay shipping. Who on earth would say no to that?? In order to get these all I have to do is try them and then leave a review, so that's what I plan on doing. I just posted up the pix to show that I did in fact receive them, and after I do use them I'll leave a review. What do you mean "not a good review at all man"? I didn't leave a review since I didn't use them yet, and they were FREE!!!!

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10+ weeks if you're running it at TRT dose.

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Yea, I do have a bunch of Tren that I'll be running close to summer and I lower my test so this would last 10 weeks.

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+1- I have the same promo on the way.

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Starting mine next week. I'll be posting a full review later and I'm looking forward to others review. These amps seem to be controversial, some are thick oil, some are not. Some have different labels and packaging so clearly something is going on.

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Yea, I'm searching around online and hearing mixed opinions on BM Pharma. According to the actual BM website they have Test but it's in 2ml bottles and supposed to have a 10 digit security code. I found someone on here that posted photos of what mine look like so I'm asking him how they were.