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  • Edit Bloodwork Round 4!

  • bigjman92   •   Wed, Mar 14th, '18 20:17   •   4 replies, 519 views

NOTE: Simple Mass Spectrometry is not enough to determine dosage and purity of tested substance.
Tests done with GC/MS, LC/MS/MS or HPLC methodes are considered much more reliable!

Sources: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

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Round 4 of testing!

I was prescribed Accutane in December and will be using it daily for the next six months. My cut cycle started on January 1st that will last 12 weeks. Below is the breakdown.

Diet: 2400 calories/day
Protein: 60% Fats: 20% Carbs: 20%

Accutane: 80 mg/day 24 weeks

Test E: 200 mg/week 12 weeks Dragon Pharma
Tren E: 300 mg/week 10 weeks Dragon Pharma (ENDED TODAY)
Proviron: 50 mg/day 10 weeks Pharmacom (ENDED TODAY)
Letrozole: 1.25 mg every 4 days
Cabaser: .5 mg every 4 days
Hcg: 500 iu 2x/week (using weeks 4-12)
1500 iu/week (using weeks 13&14) HUCOG

Dropped Dbol because of liver values and health.

Post cycle:
Day one: 300 mg clomid 60 mg nolva
Day 2-7: 100 mg clomid 40 mg nolva
Day 8-42: 50 mg clomid 20 mg nolva

Few changes from last test:

HDL: 26 to 32
LDL: 107 to 155 (needs improvement)
Triglycerides: 67 to 66
Alkaline Phosphatase: 35 to 44

I have changed my diet to incorporate oats, honey and green tea every day. This has helped my liver values significantly. My LDL levels are high so it will need some work! During my last cycle I had levels around 160 and they dropped to 75 eight weeks after PCT so I'm not really worried. Testosterone is cholesterol so that is why my levels are elevated. I will post a picture of my body after the cycle is over.


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  • giardap
  • 2 years ago

testosterone is cholesterol so that is why my levels are elevated

Ah cmon fella!

LdL getting worse, so add honey?!!!!!!!

Oh dearie me

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Don't pick and choose words to achieve your own agenda. I didn't just say honey, there are other foods and diet changes I've made that I posted. LDL and total cholesterol were around the same numbers as they currently are when I ran my last cycle. Baseline numbers were phenomenal. Take a peek at all the lab work I've done in the past. If you're going to comment on my picture, as least give out some legitimate advice.

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  • Dacky
  • 2 years ago

Mate your lipid profile is in the dumps. It’s not just your LDL that needs improving your HDL is super low so you have no protection at all. Now normally and depending on the cycle you will expect to see some form of lipid profile deterioration as you note and provided this is for a limited period of time and returns to normal then ok it’s part of running cycles and the risk we take when we do. The important thing to do is to try and manage your lipid profile on cycle which you have started to do. You clearly need more work here so should be looking into niacin flush, minimum 6g high quality omega 3 fish oil per day, COQ10 and “active” red yeast rice if you can get it (I know this is hard in the US).

The biggest problem I have with this whole picture is that it is completely muddled by the accutane. Frankly you just don’t know what is causing your issues. Your liver looks better than last time which is good news but you’re still missing a key biomarker here which is your GGT which you absolutely need to be monitoring. The other concern is your potassium is high. This can get very dangerous if it continues to trend up and so at the very least this should be immediately retested when you are well rested and well hydrated and increasingly important because your GFR is right at the low end of the range so your kidneys could be struggling.

If you’re not competing there is honestly no need for your to be running a cycle like this while on accutane. Perhaps you are and so have made the decision to do this?

Edit: I have not gone though all the other obvious questions you were asked last time and the resulting suggestions. Big questions remain on the need for letro and caber and why you haven’t tested for prolactin and non-sensitive estro or any hormone levels this time?

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  • bigjman92
  • 2 years ago
  • @Dacky

Hi Dacky! Thank you for the detailed and thorough response.

I did a niacin flush with fish oil last time and my lipids were phenomenal. Look at my pre cycle labs to verify. I'll see if I can get my hands on some active red yeast rice and read up on the science that backs it up.

My potassium is only high by .1 points so I will be monitoring it. I drink 1.5-2 gallons of water per day so hydration shouldn't be an issue. Accutane definitely has change a few things it's just tough to know what is causing what levels to rise a dip like you said. Mt cycle will be over in 13 days so it will give my body a break from all the gear.

I read up on AI and anti prolactin when you first brought it up last time so I cut it out completely to see how my body felt. My nips were sensitive and libido was a little off so I added a low does of letro and Caber and the issues went away. I understand I need to get labs on those so I will on my next testing round.