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+ 3 Bloods on maha test & pharmaqo hgh


Decided to pull bloods again since last feb see where i stand few things still look the same and got to try fix still but lipids still improving slightly but liver unsure how its gone up as not used any aas orals since last june.
Im assuming it could be down to some meds i took when i came down with shingles a few months back and possibly some strong painkillers etc.

Bloods was pulled 8am monday.

Current cycle -
Maha test e 250 - 1.5cc wkly split sun 12pm / weds 12pm ( total 375mg)
Para pharm primo 200 - 1.5cc split sun 12pm / weds 12pm (total 300mg)
CrowX masteron e 200 - 1.5cc split sun 12pm / weds 12pm (total 300mg)
Driada Letro 1.25mg once a wk
Pharmaqo hgh - 3.3ius daily am ( shot was taken
sub -q 3hrs prior test)

Im ok with the test results as i know im not the best metabolizer as 1cc usually puts me around 1200s.

Gh now i was suprised to say 300s is not bad considering the batch was the blue older boxes not the new ones they sell and every vial of the 6 - 8 kits i had from day one was cloudy.
This made me very skeptical using it and i did contact mrp about this matter and got some very strange responses on the reasons it being cloudy.
So i decided to try at 8ius daily jump from taking 4ius from another brand and it killed my knees cripled me after a full kit so i had discontinued it and put all kits aside and took a break for alittle while last year.
Once i re started hgh again i started using a diff brand for good 6 months and just stuck to 3ius only and all was good hardly any sides igf numbers on bloods was reasonable.
Now last 3 months i decided to give these another go and after the 1st month off 3.3ius the sides started kicking in every night my elbows & arm would hurt and both hands would feel numb and on fire if i slept on my side crazy havent felt such sides like this in years at around 3ius something just felt strange but i stuck it out and can only think it may be possibly the impuritys in hgh that could be causing the harsh sides idk, but after pulling bloods igf numbers did show about right so im confused as hell.
Maybe someone with some good knowledge on hgh and it being cloudy , impuritys etc may be able to shed some light.

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Glad that pharmaqo GH worked for you. Mine was shit. All cloudy and no results. I won't touch that stuff again.
That maha test looks good.

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Cheers bud yeah i was suprised it increased igf being all cloudy too if you still have a few kits try running bloods on it might suprise you also lol. I prob wouldnt touch that brand gh again tbh iv had far better gh with good numbers and hardly any sides.

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I ran through a whole kit at 10iu/d since nothing seemed to be happening at my normal dose. No bloods but I have never in my life in been able to go above 6iu without immediately being inundated with negative sides like numb hands and extreme lethargy.

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thanks for taking the time to do the bloods, we do appreciate this a lot!

let me know when your having an order in the nearest future and i will make an valuable gift for this blood test!

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Years ago I jumped into HGH a bit recklessly, 10iu's a day from day 1.

I'd recommend easing into the dosage, 1iu for a week, then 1.5iu, then 2iu... until you've reached the dosage your looking for.

It's a slower process but it will allow the body to adapt and not go through the negatives (pins and needles, water retention, immediate need to sleep post injection).

This is the actual reason that people say HGH is a slow process, 6 months to a year or indefinite..
The stuff is working even if it's slow rolled into the equation.

The 10iu's a day for a month straight definitely created new hyperplasia, even a decade later the foundation it built is holding strong, but damn that was a rough month. If I could go back, i'd ease into it instead of being in a hurry.

Just my 2 cents from trial and error..

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I can't imagine 10iu from the get-go Lol

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That would be just silly man.

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The high liver readings must be from the medications and painkillers you were taking mate, if you were on them for quite a while and they were harsh ones then it will take a few months for your enzymes to normalise again. Liver supplements work extremely well once you are off orals but continue to take them. Whilst on cycle they keep things at a stable level - but once off gear they actually help heal the liver really quickly. Sometimes when just off the orals if you are not giving it any supplemental help it can take much longer for values to get back in range I have seen on my own bloodwork.

In regards to those early Pharmaqo HGH kits - I have seen Janos on them and they were quite overdosed buddy, each vial was 14.04iu's!! when supposedly they were 10 Lol so that could account for readings. Purity was 96.7% and Dimmer 2.546% for reference.

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Thanks bud yeah im still taking supplements for the liver health to try get those numbers back down. Hgh yeah i guess you could be right on being overdosed appreciate the info atleast for the folks that always say cloudy hgh is no good i think the numbers show they could be wrong.
Im just going to finish up on the last few vials and drop hgh for sometime now been on & off for some years now and time to put that aside just stick to the test & mild compounds.

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What specifically are you taking for liver health and in what doses?

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Just a liver aid blend from amazon & liv. 52ds.
I only started back up a month go as i have been off them for sometime as didnt feel the need to take only as iv not touched orals.
last bloods prior liver enzymes was almost getting back to normal but i guess some recent meds threw them off again.

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Just for future reference if you need to help your liver again - Liver blends are often pretty useless because although they contain a lot of helpful ingredients, they are nowhere near the required doses to adequately help your liver heal itself. If you look at the ingredients then cross check it with my liver post you will see this bud. I have Liv 52 Double strength tabs also, but never use them. I find it questionable how much all these strange herbs no one has ever heard of really benefit us. The true tried and tested products will always be: TUDCA, Milk Thistle, Choline, Artichoke extract, NAC. There are many more but just stick with those and you can't go wrong.

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Thanks bro il defo keep those in mind if you get a chance pls drop the link you wrote up so i can fav it as good to have the info.