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+ 3 Blood work with 250mg/week Balkan Test E (2666 ng/dL)


Very satisfied with my results and this brand.
I feel very well physically and psychologically, even with this low dosage. My E2 is within the norm. I do not have any pain. The blood was taken three days after the injection.
I love this brand.

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how the fuck are people saying "great numbers!!" ??? these are numbers you get on 500mg test per week. maybe once they were ok but balkan has always been a shady lab. anyone who says they are good is either living in the past or has no idea what they're talking about.

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So this is all you have to say after your registration here on Eroids?

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He's a rep of another lab, I have my suspicions on which

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I suspected as much.

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Its somewhat weird to see a pharma company overdose their gear by that much. I can't speak on the shadynes he's implying.

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The expiry date was 2022. I don't remember the numbers exactly. It was an old order.

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Aha, I have no idea bro. If the code checked out on BP's site it should be legit.

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It's apparently faked a lot. Any website claiming to be official re-seller can't be trusted apparently.

From BP website.

"Due to the increasing reports of fraud using the Balkan Pharmaceuticals trademark, we inform you that:
The ONLY official website of the company is
Balkan Pharmaceuticals does NOT sell products through online stores and e-mails;
Balkan Pharmaceuticals does NOT have offices outside the Republic of Moldova;
Balkan Pharmaceuticals does NOT ship packages and does NOT request payments through Western Union, MoneyGram or other international transfer systems (SWIFT, BTC, Crypto currencies) ;
All employees at Balkan Pharmaceuticals exclusively use corporate email addresses with the domain Any request to make contact through other addresses is an attempt of fraud."

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great results!++

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Top shelf gear imo.

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how is it top shelf gear when it's overdosed by double?

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Copy that.

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What do you mean with keep FSH and LH under control? You are shutdown, unless you are taking hcg they will always be close to zero. There is no keeping FSH and LH under control when using exogenous testosteron.

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if I am not mistaken are related to HCG. I was reading that if they are low it is not a big problem. I will try to restart them with PCT but without HCG.

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That's what PCT is for yeah.