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Black tops


11 kits total. Shipping took approximately 2 weeks. This will be my first go at hgh and I am excited to try these. Heard great things about the black tops and the price was unbeatable.

Ordered from: 
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Thank you for your order even when our shop not online.

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I can't get to this guys website Ive tried a bunch of times I even manually put the address in outside of the forum.?

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Thanks guys. Seems like I never get karma for my pics though lol. Been a member for years and still sitting at 1.

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As much as we all love the gear porn, you can't get karma from posting photos. You get karma from interacting w/the community in a useful and helpful manner.

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Pics not very impressive. Not even sure its real stuff inside

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Nice score brother

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Why. I dont hear much about them

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They used to be one of the top HGH sources. Then their web site disappeared for a little while. The yellows I got from them a year and a half ago were good

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Cool. Goodluck i hope they are.

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