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  • Mr.GT   •   Fri, Oct 4th, '19 19:33   •   3 replies, 552 views

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Looking forward to popping the top. I’ll throw a review after I dig in a bit.

Ordered Test C and Dbol. I was sent Test E on accident but Black Steel made it right, shipping out the Cyp right away. So now I got a bunch of Test to test.


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  • BlackSteel
  • 1 year ago

Human error is inevitable but we will ALWAYS make it right ;)

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Oh I ain’t even mad bro. E and C is pretty interchangeable in my mind, I just lean toward C because it’s supposed to be a little longer of an ester than E. Not by much but...

I wasn’t even going to ask for a reship but you took care of it with a haste. That reship pack showed up the next day. Very legit. Absolutely made it right.

Watching for your promo to drop. Gonna need something else fun to run with all this test now I guess lol

And as soon as my ancillaries clear customs I’m on it!

Thank you Black Steel!

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  • jayisk
  • 1 year ago

Was very happy with blacksteels sus 250 and test prop.
can never have enough test laying around..,lol