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  • jayisk   •   Thu, Jun 27th, '19 13:17   •   5 replies, 607 views

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This is from the Black Steel prom. I misread what he was offering and thought it was 4 sus and 3 props. He emailed and said it was really just 4 sus but was going to send me the prop anyway.

t/a was under a day. the fastest ever. packaging is solid, gear is in nice clear bottles and full, oil is smooth and easy to pin.

Goal is for strength and getting more jacked in the process. I switched over powerlifting programs about 5 wks ago. This current one has a lot more volume and exercises. Which is great because I am hanging on mentally by a string and the gym and heavy weight and heavy metal in my earbuds is my therapy.

Going to pin M,W,F,Sun. I have always run test e/c as a base. I ran sus a couple of times but now realized i ran it wrong. Only did injects twice a wk and the mgs were too low.

As of now looking at 1,250 mgs of sus and 300 mgs of prop a wk. Also will continue running the deca i am on from another src for joint issues.
Interested to see how the sus works compared to test e/c run this way. Being it is a PL program it will be easy to tell.
Black Steel


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  • zhaomeng0904
  • 1 year ago

Great Post!

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  • monsterD996
  • 1 year ago

Looks like I need to try this guy out!! Now all he needs is TNE and I'd be set!

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try him out seems like is planning to be a solid long term src. TNE is always nice..,no you love it. It is the best PWO.

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  • BlackSteel
  • 1 year ago

Thanks for posting! :))

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  • 1 year ago