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After 1 cycle
500mg testo / W
300mg NPP / W
100mg Anadrol / D
Duration 10 weeks

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Was this a first cycle and first time picking up weights? Yes you did make a transformation but you could have made that with test if you wanted to cycle bad. Also BAD idea to self medicate TRT. TRT isn't all that it's made out to be.

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In May I took a blood test, his testo level was below normal, that's why after my cycle I put in TRT

So youre 2 persons?

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I won't mince my words here:

  1. You should not have been cycling at all looking like that to begin with, you look like one of these guys who has just walked into a gym on their first day.

  2. The results after your cycle you could have achieved lifting naturally for 4 months.

  3. 100mg Adrol ED on a first cycle is ridiculous.

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Whats your plan on keeping the gains?

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So....you killed the nuts for life. Theres no turning back...ever

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No PCT after the first cycle then?

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The way you are going something sure will explode!

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nice results! you chose teamroids which is excellent but which brands?
I am a big fan of parapharma.

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great job, did everything go well during your cycle?
did you do a pct afterwards?

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