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  • CaliCatfish   •   Sun, Oct 20th, '19 16:21   •   13 replies, 494 views

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A few days ago I had posted negative review on Balkan Primo from teamroids. I wanted to make it right since I didn't have conclusive evidence. I managed to get my hands on LabMax A and B vials. The results were positive for Primo, and it was pretty conclusive. Sometimes LabMax can leave you guessing, but not this time.

1- I wanted to apologise to teamroids.
2- I deleted my previous post.

The Balkan UPIC thing is still a mystery to me.

Pic 1 - Initial reaction - MCT Oil
Pic 2 - Initlal reaction closer view no UV
Pic 3 - 365 UV = result is Primo
Pic 4 - 365 UV = result is Primo
Pic 5 - LabMax color ref

For test reference as well:


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  • Pounds23
  • 7 months ago

You have to type the letters all in caps locks or it doesn't work when checking the upic code

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  • lundgren
  • 9 months ago

Thanks to share your test LM with us.
The oil look like water ;-) what do you plan with it ?

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Haha it's definitely oil. I'll be shooting my a$$ with it soon ;)

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  • Dobermann
  • 10 months ago

Thanks bro...balkan is spot on friend.i
Would +++ but there is no option
The balkan codes need be type in exaclty with big and small letters.
I had same problem before but i learned to not worry about balkan it is pharma and dosed corrctly.i have used almost all their products and is always work as it should.

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  • Rayan
  • 10 months ago

i used balkan pharma only long time ago... i have never look this...
this is real balkan ?

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  • CaliCatfish
  • 10 months ago
  • @Rayan

Yes just added the package and vial pics.

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  • NotNatural23
  • 10 months ago

I wouldn't worry to much a out testing Balkan Products if they are real. They are a pharmaceutical company and always have great stuff.

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  • Big Ian
  • 10 months ago

Fair play to you for coming clean and making right about your mistake, everyone makes mistakes. Thanks for posting :-)

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I agree ! We learn from the mistakes ;-)

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  • Tbone69
  • 10 months ago

Keep your panties on straight next time..you went full diva there..

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  • Hustle28
  • 10 months ago

Smh I want to neg you for how you shot out of the gates claiming everything you bought is fake.

I suggest you learn how to ask questions and learn to listen

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I admit I put the carriage in front of the horse on this one. So I am trying to make it right. I know I'm gonna get a bunch of neg, but I am doing it to make it right for teamroids.

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At least you're willing to admit your mistake..took some self humbling to come back and post this..live and learn.