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+ 8 Armani Anabolics goodies


First order with Armani Anabolics. T/A was 3 days. I got lucky and got the vials with the new labels. Thx

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Interesting --

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That glow up is insane! Heard that quality is there and now the aesthetics is up there also! Gonna try his gear soon! +1

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I’ve heard good things about this source. Keep us updated on the gear. The

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His new labels are on point!
Better presentation for sure.

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I agree

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Just got my order of his HGH. Did my first shot today, have you ran his growth before? All of his stuff is top notch so I wouldn’t expect anything less from the growth just wanted to hear from someone else who has run it.

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No this is my first order with him but I've heard nothing but good things about all his stuff

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Had his stuff. I have bloods in it. Good numbers. My blood test was 4 days after injection.

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Never tried this source, but hope it treats you well

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