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  • Edit Arl EQ/ roys vermodje test, trenaver/ gep EQ amps

  • professer X   •   Mon, Dec 24th, '18 19:57   •   4 replies, 875 views

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ArL boldenone undec.
Thanks ARL!
Got some vermodje trenever, testover e and p
And GEP boldenone amps......
All in time for xmass..
10 days to land from across a big ocean.


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  • Sam I Am
  • 2 years ago

Arls gear has been good in the past. Keep us posted on the Vermodje. I've got some but mines all long esters. Happy Holidays

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Yeah i agree. Ive used arl once before and it was great. Bad news on the vermodje..... yesterday i was drawing up my shot and a couple of the boldenon amps had busted in my bag that i keep my gear in . So after cleanin up the oil i grabbed the trenever and it slipped outta my hands onto the no not carpet...
Hardwood floor that the room in my hotel had. I was away on a lil christmas vacation with my wife and we were stayin in a hotel and it shattered... i have 1ml left that was in the pin and i was really bummed out. Still am. I have some more coming but 1 ml wont be enough to keep my levels steady for 2 weeks until I get the other..i notice a few things the first and second weekon tren. I lose 3 to 5lbs in sweat n water and look dryer right away. Abs feel harder n skin is thinner in midsection. Appetite and sleeping the whole night thru goes away as well. All this has happened so far. Sucks i have to bail n restart but it is,what it is....

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How is the vermodje and Arl?

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I used test cyp and deca from arl once before and it was very good. I just started this EQ so i cant comment just yet but im sure it will be up to par.
The vermodje stuff is good. Maybe a little underdosed but the test p and the tren have shown the normal effects as of now. Outta breath while training, increased sweats, insomnia, and hardly no appetite like it normally is. Havenot gotten tren cough yet and noramlly every 1 outta 4 shots i will at least taste that tren like metallic tatse. Sucks because i dropped my vial on a Hardwood floor and it was the only one i had at the moment. So i kinda had to bail on the tren before it really gets going. I have more on the way..ill keep ya posted