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Started EPs GH at 2 ius a day, gonna top out at 4-5 ius. Don’t see any reason to go higher since I’m not competing. My hopes are to stay feeling young and grow slowly.

Thanks EP

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Nice order, Ive tried Ment once so far from another source and really liked it. I noticed the Ment I got was a brownish colored oil and it's clear in this pic. I wonder what the difference is? +1

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Thanks. I’ve heard the color difference is in the raws, has nothing to do with the potency. For example, I’ve got some test e from another source right now and out of 3, one is slightly darker.

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Liking that ment 100 let us know how the quality is he has good prices on ment I noticed

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We’ll do. I’m currently on day 4 of another sources Ment and holy shit this compound is strong. I’m going to run EPs this winter.

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100mg/ml MENT eh? A rare find ...

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Wont hurt to try it lol. I’ve heard good things so we’ll see.