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  • Roid Rager   •   Tue, Sep 10th, '19 15:02   •   4 replies, 385 views

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Took advantage of another great promo by Ashop. 20% OFF plus another 20% OFF Bitcoin.
Purchased on 8/27, arrived on 9/9.

Picture shows some of the Stealth Juice already transferred to vials so you could see the difference between the Stealth Test-E and Tren-E. I only transferred two of the Test-E packets into a vial, but I did receive all 25.

The packaging was good, as always. Usually the different Stealth products are separated so you know which is which because the Stealth packaging is the same for the different compounds, but in this package they were all combined together. It made it challenging to discover which packets had the Tren and which had the Test.

6 Stealth Tren-E 200 mg/ml
25 Stealth Enanthate 250 mg/ml
10 Balkan Pharm Danabol 50mg
8 Balkan Pharm EXEDROL 25 mg


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  • Bzreal817
  • 5 months ago

Good to see that you received product in original packaging. Love Ashop.

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  • lundgren
  • 5 months ago

I bought some stealth too, and Dbol 50 SP :-)
I think you need to see the code to know what is it ( test or Trenbo etc )
I hope your stuff are well dosed and work well for you ! Good Luck ;-)

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  • Dobermann
  • 5 months ago

Cool man enjoy,this is my favorite shop.