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Gonna give these a bash on my next cylcle

Ordered from: 
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I tested these about a year ago using a labmax test kit and it came back as winstrol. It could be because the orange dye the use on the pills had a reaction to the test or because it’s actually winstrol. I’ll have to retest and hopefully you test these before using. Legit anavar can be found but it’s often faked.

I wish I had the test pics I’ll have to dig around.

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Hey BootyGear! I tested (roidtest) the 10mg Var by DP and it was positive for oxandrolone. I ended up scraping off the outer coloring before crushing the tab. Still, might be different than their 50mg stuff.

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I've only just opened the packet.... are these tabs meant to be this small?

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Noting but amazing reviews from dragons gear