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Alpha Pharma HCG and Pfizer Cabergoline


The service from MR is absolutely excellent. Came in a few short days, packaged as it should be.
One thing to note for the HCG, it's listed as "5000iu" in the title but the description says "1500iu" in the description. You actually receive 3x 5000iu vials, so it should read "15,000iu"
Just in case it confuses anyone else

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since the bust I stay away from AP, not the same lab as before!

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Oh, I was not aware of a bust!
I recall AP being one of the best regarded labs back in the day. When did this happen?
I suppose I'll be on the way to the shops to buy a pregnancy test!
Really good to know though thanks man, I'll think twice about purchasing their products in the future.