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By far my favorite cycle is sust, deca and npp. I've always made my own mix of deca/npp so to be able to have it blended already, save some injection oil volume. I can't wait to get this started. So pictured below 4 vials deca 200mg/npp 150mg, 1 tren e 200mg, test prop 100mg, proviron 25mg (100 tabs pictured on top of the test prop), and sample pack of Cialis. Naps threw in the test prop and Cialis free. I remember always using naps way back when I first came here to eroids. Delivery was about 10 days after placing order. I'll review and let everyone know how this blend is. I like dragon pharma new packaging with the wrapper around each bottle. It might not be new, but it's new to me lol

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Many years ago now I use to run a similar blend to that made by a UK Lab - was pretty much the same ratios and it worked well. Normal Deca just takes so damn long to build up but with the NPP in there things get going much quicker!!

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Thats a pretty cool deca/ npp mix there

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