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Above and beyond customer support


First time going with Freak and I couldn't be happier. Ordered INT 2x ParaPharma Test E 250, but I ended up receiving Test E 400 (delivered in roughly 1.5 weeks). I've never pinned 400 so I contacted Freak and explained the situation to him. Most companies would tell me to go fuck myself since 400 is more mg per mL lol, but not here. Got the 250 literally less than 2 weeks later at no extra charge with extremely smooth communication and tracking. Don't know shit about promos, just wanted to give thanks to this source

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The PP 400mg Test gave me a horrible pip, so I've mixed 0.5ml with 1ml PP 250mg Test E

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I wouldn't pin that 400mg by itself. More mg per ml isn't always the most pleasant to pin.

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They probably make 400 because it the max mg you can make without using EO and it not leaving a knot.

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I've never pinned 400

Good luck...400 is not for newbs. Good brand but....

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Lol yeah I didn't think so, exactly why I waited for the 250. Gonna sit on the 400 for a while.