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I'm a little embarrassed to even
upload these pics but we all start
Some of the guys pics on here are
awesome I feel like what am I even
doing being here but I'm giving it a
I started at 205lbs
Of pure fat, let myself go because of
the mental pressures of having a
broken marriage.
I have overcome that now and been
training hard, eating clean and
following a decent nutrition plan to
help me lose the ugly fat I put in over
the years.
I still have a long way to go to loose
more fat but I'm hoping I will be a lot
better in 6 months time.
Now I am 178lbs
I have done this relatively gear free
and only used some clen over the
past 3 weeks as I hit a plateau.

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Great job man. Keep pushin!

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Keep up the good work

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Omg bro! Awesome! Keep it up!

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Total 180, it's nice when a transformation looks as drastic as yours does. Night and day difference

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I don’t think this picture truly reveals your overall progress. Tremendous transformation brother. I’m sure you’re improving on your mental state as well given the rough circumstances. Way to take the initiative and improve your health. You packed on serious muscle in your upper body which In itself is an accomplishment. Just keep getting stronger and staying the course, it might take another 6 months to a year to lose that little bit of fat around the waist but the more muscle you pack on, the more your waist will continue to shrink. Make sure you’re hitting those trap muscles and also those wheels!!! We didn’t get to see the Lower but I’m sure you’re hitting legs. Keep eating clean. One method I use for breaking barriers is no carbs after 3 pm along with interval sprinting for cardio. Keep up the progress!!!
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Thank you big time for the props bro, I’ve leaned up a lot on the legs, strength has gone up so much…I thought I would get weaker overall but the strength has come through significantly. In terms of the carbs, I literally tried zero carb days/ carb cycling etc but the nutritionist just had a go at me and told me to stick to the diet plans he adjusts weekly.
I had a period where nothing happened at all so used some clen to get me going again. Now feels like the hardest stage, it’s like stubborn fat and seeing small but consistent progress.

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Just keep consistent, it takes time. Makwa has excellent forum topics on this. I agree on his assessment with Clen, I absolutely hate it and it’s unnecessary at this point. Keep that momentum up, as this is your new lifestyle that will have to be maintained. Adjustments will be necessary throughout the process but remember this is a marathon not a sprint.
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The more fat you lose the harder it is going to be lose additional fat. You think now is difficult, wait till you get under 10%. That is when it becomes a chore. You are way too early in your fat loss to be touching clen. Totally unnecessary now. Save it for when you really need it. This a basic strategy I use for continual fat loss.

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Just had a look at the link, that is awesome thank you !

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Chest, lats, shoulders, it's all coming together. Keep up the good work bro!

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Wow! amazing job thus far.
With hard work, consistency and dedication anything is possible.
Keep going bro!

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Awesome progress man, kudos on your transformation so far! Keep pushing forward, you will make plenty more gains in due time!

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Cheers! Thnxs for the motivation

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tightened up quite a bit. Keep plugging away, it is working.

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You’re right we all have to start somewhere, stay focused and motivated. Good luck !!!

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Thank you! Will keep grinding for sure Smile

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