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+ 17 90 LBS lost 13 months progression , self prescribed TRT


Been with Titans for a few yr now. 200mg a week "TRT" dose. This is what I feel best at. Been on my own TRT protocol for about 10 years now. Zero sides. A cycle here and there but nothing crazy and nothing since 2015. Used to have a great body in 2015.,... took 6 years off gym and became a fatfuck. before pic was late 2021 I believe but but i was 20 lbs fatter than that at my peak.... 285 lbs, Now I'm 195 LBS (@ 5'10") .... 10 more LBS to shred to get to single digit bodyfat !!! Thinking I MAY do my first "cycle" in 7 years!

I will add this is the 2nd time in my life to lose almost 100 lbs. first time was done natty in 2009, I'll say it's MUCH easier to cut down when you're enhanced..... I kept mostly all of my LBM despite not training for 6 years....

Couldnt have done it without Titans. Best around !!!!!!!

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How do you feel after such a transformation
Seems like you did pretty well. Good job

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Thanks brother, well to put it simply .. I saved my marriage and also awakened from a deep dark depression. Also cured my mild sleep apnea I was developing.

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Nice job. Continue the work, this is nice.

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I see you're proud of yourself and for a damn good reason, that is an amazing transformation, great work!

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I'm happy to see you made such great progress. I've lost a substantial amount of weight in 9 months. I started PEDs in late October. In 3 months I gained more muscle and lost more fat than the previous 6 months natural.

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Nice! Keep it up man … may the gains be with you

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Congrats and your work ethic is admirable for sure. Keep on truckin +1

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Fitness is very fair environment you get 100% back of what you put into work. And that's exactly what can be seen here. Great progress buddy.

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Good stuff bro!

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Great job man!!! You can see how you stand up straighter. It feels fantastic, keep it up brother. Really happy for you. You look like you could rip the ears off Jennifer Garner! LOL

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Great job, hey I sent you a request because I have some questions and think I’m in the same boat you were

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id be happy to help

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Excellent work, it has really paid off. +1

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Keep up the hard work. Nice job

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Great job

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Killing it Brotha!

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thnx man!

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Good work brother !
Amazing transformation

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appreciate it bro!

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Damn good!!

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Thnx! feels good to be back on the grind.

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Wish I had a better before pic.... its hard to tell how FAT i was. I lost 13 inches off my waist!! nuts.