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+ 19 8 months post pectoral tear


Hgh 6iu. Rimobolan 500 mg a week. 500 mg sustanon. Just added 400 Trenbolone. A little scared about the Tren. I’ll repost in 6 weeks to update. 8 months post full pectoral tear

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Very Grainy sir. Was your tear partial or full? How long after the injury did you get your surgery? Was it your left pec? I had the same injury but had to get an allograph due to a misdiagnosis which lessens the maximum recovery. Hope that didn't happen to you bro.

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Shredded as well

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Absolute Unit, and with a pec tear damn inspiration all around. Not sure you need tren haha but more power to you! +1 (if I have that authority)

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Awesome bro! Solid!

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Holy shit, dude!

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How many weeks is this cycle ?

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400 Tren is too much. Too much as in you will not reap much more reward than 150 per week. All you will end up doing is suffering from bad side effects. Just slin pin 50mg every M W F for a total of 150 per week. Use acetate if you want faster results. You are already shredded enough, so that should not be your goal with it. Your goal should be to simply keep the muscle you've already put on from the Test & Primo.

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Hey thanks for the feedback. So I’ve never taken Tren and this will be a one time deal. The pics are from 2.5 weeks ago. So I’ve been on Tren almost 3 weeks. Honestly no crazy sides other than crazy aggression and libido. I typically tolerate everything well. If sides get back I’ll dial it back. Trying to make this my last cycle for a long time.

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Well hopefully you will get those nice NIGH SWEATS when the wife looks at ya like you pissed the bed. Just do what i do and blame the poor dog

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“Trying to make this my last cycle” I remember using those words. Haha

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Amazing physique!!!

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Wtf look at those striations on the back of the tricep on the left, crazy!! How much did you gain on the primo? Or were you cutting with it?

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If this is before tren. You dont even need to harm your body with it

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I agree

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DeeMan's picture looking like John J Rambo!!
Damn that rimo is hittin hard!

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Shredz ++

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Wicked physique

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Damn, Bro, you look like you’ve been on Tren for a year. I wouldn’t even run it if I were you. You look amazing already

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I know right, he just re-motivated me in a big way. Got my calipers in, now I want to see just where I'm at too.

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Damn bro. Already looking 10%, probably lower. +1

……And now starting the Tren Diablo
Can’t wait to see post on that. Ok

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Looks like you have been training hard buddy - can't even tell it happened!!

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Vascularity on another level.. totally awesome physique bro

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