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Tren Blend - 2x's week (Mon & Thur)
winstrol 50mg once a day (6 a.m.)
sust 350 - once a week (Thur - libido assist by the weekend)
Body weight workouts 3 times a week only due to a broken cervical and lumber spinal injury. No changes in diet. - Pretty impressed with the quality of the Para Pharma products. PIP with the Tren Blend but worth it.
248 lbs starting weight
205 lbs week 6

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Brother you're killin it. Keep rollin!!!

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Cum targets ;) jk bud looking good summer should treat you nicely!

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looking good !+

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43 lbs in 6 weeks is a pound a day.. Is that even possible?

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I bet your lipids are jacked! I tht winstrol was a finisher?

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I agree this post doesn’t make sense. Why would you only inject sustanon once a week. Winstrol is pointless at that body fat %

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That's what I'm saying. I acknowledge and applaud the progress seen in the before and after pics. But I think some details have been left out. Like was he doing no cardio before the cycle then did a bunch of cardio?

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Im gona say first pic no cardio and 2nd pic 10 minutes cardio and i can see sus once a week. But once the tren ride ends back to the original pic

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This doesn't really add up.

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damn u lost 43lbs in 6 weeks bro? thats crazy