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+ 10 6 Month Cycle ( 15% Cycle and 85% Diet )


(Sorry for my bad English)
I took Testosteron Propionate , Boldenon and HGH ( still on HGH ).
The last 6 Weeks I was on Testosteron propionate Trenbolon ace Masteron.
Week 1-18
525mg Testosteron propionate and 500mg Bolde/week.
Week 18-24
525mg Testosteron propionate , 300mg Trenbolone acetat, 600mg Drostenolone propionate /week.
Now I'm at only 250mg/Week Testosteron Cypionat and HGH 3 iu/Daily .

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15% cycle, 85% diet
What about workout?

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Great physique! Great job.

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Thanks for keeping me apprised, Rustyhooker.

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Body type I aim at having. I don't like being too big, this is perfection.

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What was your diet like?

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Great job!!

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physical at the top dude good job

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Awesome bro..!

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Looking great buddy!!! What’s your BF%

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