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+ 18 5 month transformation


Hey guys, I have been a member for many years but mainly keep to myself. Like most Covid put me out of the game for quite some time. Before pic was taken in April while the after pics were taken just before September. Definitely feels good to be back.

Train hard my friends!

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insane transformation post, congrats brother,

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What'd you run?

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Hard work pays off !!+

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wow, that's great progress sir! I can feel your confidence skyrocketing!

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Dedication! Enjoy that vacation brother you deserve it!

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What a comeback brother.. Awesome

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Hell yeah bro!! Looking lean and mean. +1

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Congrats buddy. very impressive.

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wow amazing! That motivates me to keep working

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Looking great brother hard work pays off

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Fuck yeah dude!!! Happy for you

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Loud applause!!

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The saturation process has begun on my vacation in Hawaii :( lol

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Badass results bro. Congrats!

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Great job! Plus 1. If you don't mind what did you do, diet AAS, etc?

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Great job

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Awesome progress! That front double bicep is fire!

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Nice work Good

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Thank you Bro --

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Kinda was in same situation. Sent you a pm brother

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Thanks Bro. I’m on vacation at the moment when I have time I’ll get back to you.

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Thank you Brother Smile

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Great progress

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Thanks Bro