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+ 4 2nd Order of Gorilla King Primo + RoidTest


Placed my 2nd order with Gorilla King and am pleased with what I received. Bought a 6 pack of Primo 200, and he included 1 for free. Heck yeah!

Just like last time, I used one of the RoidTest kits to verify which compound was present in the vial. It correctly came back as metenolone enanthate. Pictures with time stamps are included.

Beyond the RoidTest, I can attest to the fact that it IS indeed primobolan due to the estrogen suppression I am experiencing on this current course of anabolics. I can post bloodwork separately to verify this claim.

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Nice looking out!! +1

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Thanks brother. Email me I’ll toss you $100 credit for the Roid test.

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Sure thing my man! Thank you!