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I wish i could describe it as "magical" transformation. But its use of ped's - eating loads of food and training 5-6 times a week for 2 years consistently. I was always active but a hard gainer. My metabolism is insanely fast so to gain quality mass i had to use additional "support"

Year 1:
1st cycle: orals only ( rookie mistake) 3x 10mg dbol daily, no PCT. No side effects.
2nd cycle: 300mg test-e week followed by PCT

Year 2:
2 identical cycles: 2x week - 200 testE + 100 trenE - followed by PCT

Weight gain: 12kg.
Side effects: testE + trenE - gave slight acne on arms, but nothing special.

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26 lbs gained in 2 years good job. Those are slow and steady gains but the best is they are gains you won't lose. +1

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