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  • Edit 2 months in to my bulk 5 months to go! standing tall at 6 ft 4inchs. .colitis disease sufferer!

  • carl3553   •   Mon, Dec 15th, '14 21:50   •   10 replies, 605 views

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Started all new medication for my colitis after having a flare on my last blast...first time ever from gear if that is what caused it so drop my gear just crusing at the moment at 150mg test a week..lost about 14lbs from my flare but getting back to normal now...changed workouts from doing heavy weight low reps to medium weight high reps, really really enjoying it at the moment


  • anon
  • Anonymous
  • 5 years ago

Looking great bro solid I see great potential.

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  • McStuart
  • 6 years ago

Damn that tall big muscle body looks insane even though you lost a little bit of weight!
Have you Got yourself a new tatoo? Looks badass bro!

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  • epixs
  • 6 years ago

Goes to show there is never a good enough excuse, awesome progress man!

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  • Theophany
  • 6 years ago

Looking amazing brother! Muscular, tight and lean physique! Very symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing build! Apparent full muscle bellies in conjunction with pleasing vascularity! Outstanding work! +2 for having a positive attitude amidst life's hardships!
Also, respect for its no easy task filling out a heightened frame! Well done!

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  • Bigguns2014
  • 6 years ago

U look really good brother

I don't know much about your illness and what foods u can have and not have
But I would stick In a lot more veg , stick some broccoli I. With your meat and rice meals
Have a teaspoon of peanut butter with eachof your protein shakes
And your first meal I would stick carbs in there
Stick I. Some ready cooked pancakes

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  • carl3553
  • 6 years ago

this is what my diet looks like

meal 1. protein yogurt and pineapple and multivitamin

meal 2. 2 scoops whey protein

meal 3. 400g mince beef 200g rice

meal 4. 400g mince beef 200g rice

meal 5. banana and protein yogurt

meal 6. 1 scoop whey protein.....

i try to stay away from bread and milk and things like that...i dont have to becasue no food sets my colitis of but i feel it makes me very tired and lazy ..

also in my case i found that i cant use any anabolic oral high doses of test

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  • readyman
  • 6 years ago

Damn you look insane givin your condition. Its crazy you posted this, I'm gifted with crohns disease and i just had to discontinue gear as a result. Started waking up hypoglycemic and having to eat every hour im guessing from lack of nutrient absorption. When i get unlucky the ulcers turn into a nasty infection and hospitalization for a couple days for IV antibiotics. Needless to say toilets have been my best friend for a couple weeks now and i feel like straight ass. Anyway looking good brother keep putting in work!

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yeah need to eat every 2 hours otherwise i feel Super tired and lethargic and fatigued....i can only use a light amount of gear otherwise it sets my colitis of in to ma flare which im just getting over now

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  • irongame427
  • 6 years ago

You look good bro keep it up.

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  • Iron_Monk
  • 6 years ago

Hell yeah brotha
Keep up the fight +1