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+ 3 a 8 week update been on 500mg sustanon a weeks first zafas now on sale..6 weeks to go


Don't Think I look to bad to say I'm 6th 4inch tall...trying to keep lean seems is summer...been doing lots of cardio

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Look in very good shape brother !!!!
Your chest is your good point and nice upper chest as well
Work on them fore arms and bis and tris and u will look spot in bro
Hard to put on size with long arms
I find I do a lot of hammer curls to built up my fore arms

Very good work bro , keep it up

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Looking great brother! Much respect for the taller members in our community for it is no easy task amassing thickness on a heightened frame! Beautifully muscled, lean and shapely physique! Everything tie-in harmoniously with the added bonus of pleasing vascularity! Nicely accomplished! +1 for a strong, lean and aesthetic build! Kudos!

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Thanks brother

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Impressive, especially considering you live with Crohn's disease. +2

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I thought i did have crohns but found out recently after a flare up its colitis..but im very lucky to have a mild case of it..a few alterations to my diet and workout and to be totally honest i feel the best i have done in a long time

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Filling out that frame is VERY hard work , looking good my man carl , nice skin tone, thick chest,cappex delts,arms coming along too have to beef up that 3 meter arm bone lol

Very nice



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Mate i am trying my hardest to put slabs of muscle on my arms but my arms a sooĆ²oo long it seems impossible