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15 kits landed today


Ordered 15 of the yellow tops 120iu kits. Been ordering from them for a few years now. Took about a month and a half to get my 15 kits. Not bad considering what is going on with this virus and what not.

Ordered from: 
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I just ordered 2 x 230 IU kits. Orange tops. This is my first time, and from what I noticed online, the tray containers are clear-colored. But mine are white. And the vials in my package are all right side up, while all the online photos the vials are facing top to top. Your photo is the only one I have been able to find that looks remotely like mine. Do you trust these products?

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Bro , we have both trays , but the 230iu kits only white tray

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I have been ordering with them and never had a issue, my last order was 4 months ago. I just put another bulk order in and communication has been on point. This order in picture money was collected a month and a half ago. There was a issue with shipping and it took a little longer, but he let me know that. I dont order from the website i email direct, so maybe that will help. If you’re looking to order i would email him direct. I hope that helps everyone.

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Didn’t know this source came back

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15 kits wow. How many IU/day you going to run?

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I run 4ius a day which is more then enough for me. Anything more i get the arm tingles. My brother and a few other people run these. Everyone including myself has had great results from them. Im glad they are still around these are the best for money.

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Maybe he's making a comeback

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I thought he was done? Glad you got your large order would’ve hurt to not receive that amount