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+ 9 12 month transformation


this is one year transformation. i used 2 cutting cycles but not heavy. diet is the most difficult things to do, and consistancy is the key.

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Awesome physique. Hard work pays off.

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2nd and third photo looks same to me, clicked 3 secconds later, then edited with the filter...? Not throwing shit, the result is still impressive though.

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They are slightly different bud - If you look at his thumb behind his back it is more tucked in on the last shot.

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That's why I said last photo was taken 3 secconds later Smile Not a gram of fat / muscle difference in these two photos, its just lightwork and that's why I'm pretty sure its not progress photo... He's even wearing same clothes on the same place, why would you do that weeks or months appart??

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Great work!

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Wow. Great work and dedication! Definitely would like to know what you ran for cycles.

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Amazing work man, you look great. I’m curious to know what the cycle was too.

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Good transformation bro!! What was your cycle like

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