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pics are one day out from my last comp, 14-16 hrs before prejudging. I know a few of my weaknesses are quad sweep, hams, bigger calves and thicker back plus conditioning could be better. overall more
asking for feedback (I can take if looking at pics is what you had to work with, what would you do having 14-16 hrs to improve? not change anything and coast to prejudging? do I look flat? what would you eat to fill out? try to lose more water to get tighter? appreciate your feedback.

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wow mate you look outstanding.. Solid, Propah

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100% satisfied with every product I've taken from med-tech. Quality products, great communication and shipping is always above standard. If I had to rate they are definitely A+. They have a good selection and their blends are top notch. Check them out and be on the lookout for weekly deals. Been using their products for over a year with no issues.

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Shredded to the one bro

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Firstly, absolute beast mode physique. That tiny waist will really shine when you bring your legs up. Is it just me or does it look like your abs went flat? In other pics they look defined and here they look flat. Obliques look cut though.
Keep up the good work

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Bearded_muscke, you are correct. Definitely need to bring legs up and abs look flat. I believe from pulling too much water or lack of carbs to fill them out. Thanks

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You look great, good luck+2

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Winning, much appreciated

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DeadlyCroc, thanks

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You can do one more round of pics post-show but then no more from you for a good while.

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Sauron, understood

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16 hrs out, not much you can do but put your feet up and relax. lol

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I agree not much to do in 14-16 hrs

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Makwa, that's what I normally do. Besides being nervous and excited at the same time.
Was just wondering what others would do if anything different. Thanks

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Great pics fella. Must be years of hard work and a dash of legit gear.

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Adhboy, thanks...yep yrs of grinding but most importantly learning how to be consistent with my eating habits

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Boom ! Beast Mode

Plus 2 Fella ...lay off the self pics for a while ...loool

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cd1, self pics

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I think you are looking great bro! I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is dehydrating themselves and not eating salt leading into the show. Whatever you are doing it is working bro, color is great too. You're going to kill it bro, best of luck!

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Swole, appreciate that. Good to hear what I was doing worked. I didn't want to try anything different and in up screwing up at the last min.
Again thanks for taking the time to leave feedback

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mate you have one of best bicep peaks I'v ever seen in the last time, you're really dry but looking full. Hope your form don't change much until tmrw! Only weak body part is you chest, a little bit flat but altogether a great shape. +1

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stairmaster, thanks really appreciate the feedback

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72enbolone, thanks

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Sick shoulder to waist ratio! Good luck, homey!

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chunkypbnj, thanks

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You know your body best as far as filling/spilling. Legs look dry and grainy. Looks like you could have widened your stance on front relaxed and front double and made them look bigger. I like cooked to death white potatoes but looks like you seen the stage way more than me

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levelup, Ive practiced that pose so many times because I know front bicep is a weak pose for me. Legs spread out / widened stance is hard cause if it's too wide legs look narrow because too much space between legs. I'll keep trying to master it. Thanks for feedback