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+ 10 5wks out...but


Came to a decision to not compete. I have a family member that has fallen on hard times and need assistance with getting by for a few months so the money I was going to use to continue getting ready for this show plus travel and hotels for an out of state show, I'm going to give it to them. They could use it more. I'm still qualified for nationals, if I can save enough money and get time off work that will be my next contest in Nov. Haven't blown my diet
Also CENSORED!!. Can't wait to get mind. Get yours before they all gone. You'll be a beast in these shirts!

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No unverified sources and definitely NO promoting them.

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Sauron, ok thanks

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Kip, takes a man to make a decision like that. Much respect brother. And the physique is killin it

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Bearded_muscle, thanks

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Damn bro, looking great. Physique is on point.. good luck to you man. Family is definitely first, you got this. Bro!

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MegaTron13, thank you

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Family first brother. Much respect! Your hard work and commitment to your family won't go unrewarded. Best of luck my man!

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Thanks, 12stone!

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Wow man, that speaks volume about your character! Physique looks great bro! +

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Thanks, Swole!

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Wow. Great physique, great person +

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helloBrooklyn, thanks

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You are a kind man.

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Banana Ben..thanks. One thing I learned as a kid family take care of family

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True Gent for your actions fella and I've also seen the T shirt offer

"Looking great as always

Plus 2

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Thanks, first.

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Always fella .....always !