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+ 1 The downfall of Ryan Root


Great podcast that covers Ryan Root. Was a popular UGL for many years and some of us have probably purchased from him. Seems to mention many things we all know about, and is overall a great listen.


I am not sure if this is the place to post. Just found this small podcast and thought lots of guys here would like to hear it too. Sorry if it’s already been mentioned- I couldn’t find anything on it.

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Click link above, very interesting interview from a previous eroids source. Doesn't actually name eroids but for anyone who has been here a minute will realise, its obvious.

I wish I could of tired that matrix gear myself, its pure quality by all accounts.

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I have actually heard him specifically mention eroids in other interviews though. More than once. British Dragon was his brand back then too. No relation to BD floating around nowadays

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What i wanna know is how did they catch the girl when those vials broke in the big package?

Did they have their phone number or address on the return? Why did they even went to the post office to claim?

It’s a loss at that point ? Obviously I just wanna know how they contacted them… seems like they slipped putting real return address or phone number.

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She probably had po box

In a promo × 1
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I thought the exact same thing. Had to be using her real address and phone #’s. Maybe she just had it in the tracking for updates. Either way that girl needed much more education.

I believe they didn’t claim the broken package. They just knew it meant the house was going to be raided very soon as it’s easy to get a warrant if seen what was inside. They only got charged for the small stuff in the house I believe- just managed to scare the girl into giving up way too much info. Nothing proven about the package even until she talked.

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Even at that- her statement only wasn’t enough to do anything as he said. It took them two more YEARS with all his info on hand and constant surveillance to indict him and his team.

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Holy cow… just finished the episode. Some of the older guys and mods/administration are going to love this. If it shouldn’t be posted please take it down or inform me and I will gladly! Just crazy to hear it all laid out.

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amazing episode, fantastic interview

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