Olympics are close


This is the second story ive read this week about an athlete getting caught for using peds...this is about a Brazilian swimmer that was using Masteron...#legalizeit


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Legalize it? We would have a freak show.. it's great for american entertainment but it kills the sport for the rest of us..

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Everything should be legal but at the same time America as a whole needs more education and less indoctrination...we as a society should set better examples for the youth. So we're not in a position at this time to legalize it, you're correct...really pot should be taken more seriously and shrooms should have been legal long ago!

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Lol, love that masteron. The issue is, he's just the only one that got caught.

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Yeah I bet someone set him up for failure lol!! The other one i saw was a cyclist positive for a diuretic...