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Economic aid for the Taliban!!?


First we train em then we arm them and now we fund them!

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I like to check my news sources for bias and facts. Here is a link to the site I use. This is linked to the infowars bias/fact check. Although I don't think this is true, with this administration, I can definitely see it becoming true at some point.

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What do you not find true? This originally aired on Good Morning America not Infowars. They just reposted what was already said..
Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan bizarrely claimed the U.S. is weighing delivering humanitarian and economic aid to the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is coming straight from the administration. Infowars has nothing to do with this statement other than pointing out how crazy this sounds. Is that "conspiracy"? No, that is a fact correct? Don't get the two confused. It's easy to call something a conspiracy when you do not research for yourself, as most do, but a fact is a fact not a theory.

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This is what that link I posted states about infowars. "Overall, InfoWars/Alex Jones is a crackpot, tin foil hat-level conspiracy website that strongly promotes pseudoscience. The amount of fake news and debunked conspiracy claims, as well as extreme right-wing bias, renders InfoWars a non-credible source on any level." Lol Fox news is far more credible, as is CNN. Those two are just on opposite sides of the bias spectrum.

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CNN is not credible my good man! Far from it...
Like I said Infowars points out alot of facts not just forming crazy opinions.. read all the articles in the links I posted and form your own opinion instead of simply writing them off as "conspiracy".

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Yes I read what they said but you missed the point... The link I originally posted IS from Fox news and another is The World Health alot of things they post are from "credible" sources. They just point out what most are too ignorant to see for themselves..
Have you ever watched a movie on Netflix that had a poor rating but after watching youfelt like it was a great movie? I wouldn't rely on others to tell me what's true, instead form an opinion from what is being told on both sides and everything in-between. Is there truth on CNN? Sure.. Does Alex Jones get crazy? Certainly. But not all is false..

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I didn't know we were having a debate. Lol. I thought it was just a conversation. All the information about the fact check website is on their website.

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Ok, do you think it's possible for Dave Van Zandt to be bias? Surely you don't place his veiws and opinions as solid truths. What if we had "fact checkers" on eroids that combed over everything said and all the reviews posted then deleted what was not "factual". Would you feel like the community is better off? Or is the fact that we share opinions that make the site what it is?

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I'm sure it's bias but so is CNN.. I listen to both sides then research a bit and make my own decisions on what to believe.. I feel like everyone should do the same, especially concerning the vaccine. And who does the " fact checking" ? Are they bias/ paid by who?
I also like, seems less bias for sure.
Thanks for sharing the link.

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I regret ever paying taxes

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Our government already funded them in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

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Utter and complete garbage sir. High five