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Big lab bust


Looks like a big source was put out of business...
I would bet with the rising cost of everything else, aas will soon go up...better stock up

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Who even buys that shit everyone that is a bit in the game knows they stopped producing! I saw a leb test on the genis test e 250mg it whas a 94mg test e en 46 MG prop hahaha

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Lmao they still producing those fake gene..

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It sincerely breaks my heart reading things like this, R.I.P to many PED's :( You were only trying your best to make us stronger, better people. Its not your fault .....

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Millions of euros of performance-enhancing drugs were seized, totalling three million doses

Or a small cycle for our lad Press1

Never seen or heard of that brand before. I’m also always very sceptical of the establishments basis of how much x amount of gear is valued on the street.

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Yeah I could have written out & proved how its only a 16 week cycle when used correctly LMAO

I do like that picture they used of the gear though, some nice Genesis and Bayer there ....

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To a certain degree yes. If say they bust your door down and find your gear, as long as you can prove you run it all in your cycle they are not bothered. I'm not sure if you were caught with that amount walking the streets they would be so lenient though! Any evidence of home brewing even for personal use and you are fucked though ..... I have yet to test all this out though and don't intend to either, I think also if you had a history of violence and assault they would be less willing to see you using it and would probably confiscate it Lol See what Growmore has to say - I know he continually goes round kicking the shit out of people when he's geared up.

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They’ll take any previous into account which will reflect on your sentencing if it even gets to that stage, im sure you already knew that. As you said as long as you can show that you the gear is for personal use they can’t confiscate it or try and charge you with an offence. I have a piece of paper with my current cycle in- 6ml of deca ED / 8ml of test ED / etc which if it came to it I would use as evidence.

A member on here got his gear confiscated for using a company (?) to transport the gear which apparently is an offence - the company being Royal Mail. So you can acquire it somehow without receiving it via the mail it’s legal in personal amounts. That’s the easy version but as we all know if they want to get you on something they’ll always find a way.

As for kicking heads in I know you lads were only joking but for the sake of the ones who don’t get the humour I’m not that way inclined, if I was I wouldn’t mention it here as there is nothing less impressive than someone who boasts about street violence online.

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Check this guy out - his videos are really good to watch. A well spoken Englishman!!

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Lose needles over the vials and boxes..

Bodybuilders huddled together in a damp and filthy room with empty vials and used needles all over the place.. reusing each other’s needles they find on the floor to inject testosterone and other highly toxic substances, only leaving the crack den, I mean Tren den to beg on the streets for scraps of protein or catch a pump at the local gym.. quickly returning back to the hovel to use the communal needle to inject more gear.

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Law Enforcement especially European from my experience tend to severely overvalue gear when they do a raid. I remember a news article from my country where they talked like the couple hundred dbol pills they found on some guy were a huge catch, even though it was like one maybe two cycles worth.

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Yeah these are my personal experiences with drugs in general also.

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Man i agree with you 100%

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Bunch of cops are about to get fucking jacked

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Funny you say that. Lots of law enforcement I see at my gym and most use gear.

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That’s the damn truth.

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Yup. Lol.