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  • Floyd Mayweather beats UFC star in superfight

  • flapjack   •   Sun, Aug 27th, '17 00:54   •   9 replies, 418 views


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  • GrowMore
  • 6 months ago

"We found out that talking smack cannot beat one of the world's greatest defensive boxers".

Who would have guessed.

They did however both make millions out of this and you were tricked into taking notice of this circus so who were the real winners.

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  • alwaysmassive78
  • 6 months ago

Floyd looked slower than normal but still. Showed he still has it. McGregor was admittedly pretty good for his first pro boxing match. I know he's always preferred an upright stance, pity he's 28 now or he could switch to boxing if he wanted (I love MMA/UFC though). His arrogant persona isn't as clearcut as he makes out (look at https://youtu.be/1eVJMJBoWkk ) but he marketed this fight so well, he's got a business brain on him. Wonder what he'll do next?

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  • daksmack
  • 6 months ago

Landed the 2nd most shots ever against mayweather, and if it would have went the distance it would have been the most. Know one will ever beat FM, he takes punches well, as you seen, conor hit him hard early, he took it, came back and wore him out in the 10th.

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  • TrenPren
  • 6 months ago

McGregor had literally nothing to lose going into This fight.. he did a lot better than the majority of fans thought he would do going toe to toe with undoubtedly one of the best boxers in the world and lasting 10 rounds and landing 30 more punches than pacquiao did is just ridiculous mcgregor is the fucking man no doubt about it.. glad he still walked away with a cheque the size of russia lol

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  • Gettingbig
  • 6 months ago

He fought a great fight in his pro debut against probably the best boxer fighting right now and went 10 rounds and only ended in a tko he wasn't ko or if it went to a decision he probably only would have barely lost at the point when he got tko it was a tie maywheather had 5 rounds McGregor had 5 rounds and thats with me counting the 10th round for maywheather or you could say McGregor was winning if the decision would have been made after the 9th.
I was really impressed that he boxed as good as he did.
I would like to see him box against other opponents matched better to his level and size and see how McGregor does than.
I don't think that this fight was the let down alot of people thought it was going to be.

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  • Generator
  • 6 months ago

Respect to Mcgreggor, throwing no knees, legs or elbows and still going 10 rounds. Not to mention the truck load of cash.

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  • stairmaster
  • 6 months ago

But for me the real winner is Mcgregor cause he survived 10 rounds against Mayweather and it was his first box fight.

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  • Blazinghost
  • 6 months ago

It was entertaining that's all you could ask for out of any fight mayweather is in.

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  • flapjack
  • 6 months ago

at least he got to round 10 with the best boxer in the world on his first boxing fight not bad