+ 1 Fish Oils? Yes or no?


I've been on the fence about fish oils for the last few years with more and more research coming out that they aren't that beneficial for helping triglycerides and heart health. Just another article to throw shade at the fish oil market.


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Cod liver and cissus are apart of my staples.

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This stuff also helps you sleep

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Krill oil helped bring my cholesterol and a1c numbers back into normal range, along with a change in diet and eating habits.

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i need to add Krill oil, i always read good stuff about it

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There is negative / positive research on everything. It is a useful article, but based on my personal experience and studies, (EOA, DHA) can be terribly important and useful to the organization, from several points. For example: it overcomes depression and anxiety, which can come in very handy with some steroids, at least for me. It can improve the risk factors for heart disease. It can reduce the symptoms of metabolic syndrome Helps in post-workout regeneration It can increase muscle protein synthesis Enhances mTOR, p70S6K protein synthesis pathways, contributes to an increase in testosterone levels (anabolic effect), and much much more that I could say.

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Yes its Extremely good for you - take it.

Don't just take generic Fish oil though, make sure its Cod Liver Oil. This has Vitamins A & D in it also which are very beneficial to health which basic fish oil doesn't contain. If you plan on cycling steroids, make sure you take it as well as a good multi vitamin.

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Do you have joints? Do you stand up and walk? Definitely, yes, brother. I will say, however, that when I managed a GNC, we were very pressured to sell our store brand fish oil. We were required to learn information and benefits about fish oil, and some exaggeration was encouraged. Doesn't mean you should not definitely take it, bro!

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My doc recommends it. Krill oil and fish oil.

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Krill oil is amazing, it helps a lot!

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Theres many good oils you need for skin, heart, eyes, and yes...cholesterol. testosterone is a cholesterol....

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I've taken lovaza in the past. It does work, atleast did for me.

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Lets be realistic for a minute, if "Big Pharma" can put a sticker on it, there's absolutely something to it. My grandmother was a nurse, she's the 2nd lieutenant I speak of. Now it's been 100 years, and long story short, but she was involved in my upbringing. There was ALWAYS multivitamins, fish oil, and nasty ass calcium chewable squares. Just saying...

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I was always told to take your orals with fish oil to help

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They are great for you!

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