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  • Feds target dark web users

  • BigWA67   •   Sat, Nov 5th, '16 13:01   •   6 replies, 381 views

I've posted a few articles on the feds targeting tor users and I always get the reply well they aren't targeting the small guys this article kinda disagrees
Just be careful people!!!!


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  • Gnarkill
  • 3 months ago

+2 brother

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  • PPGfreak
  • 3 months ago

As a former Marine I have friends and family in the DEA, FBI and local/state law enforcement. I do not believe this to be accurate at all. The all state the same facts that they cannot make these things legal because then too many people would use them and hurt themselves. But they do not consider steroids to be a threat because it is so high up on the list as far as injuring yourself by using it goes. Drug statistics are based off of how many Crimes are committed to get the drug and how many crimes are committed on the drug and how many deaths are related because of it. Steroids do not even make any of these list and are not anywhere near as dangerous as caffeine tobacco or alcohol. They all explain to me that steroids to them are "considered a victimless crime". The only people they go after that are involved with steroids are actually people they want off the street for other reasons and they just use this as an excuse to put them away. But when steroids are found at crime scenes regarding fighting or theft they are not even brought up in court because it is not worth it and prosecution could care less about it.

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  • j1980
  • 3 months ago

Great find.

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I really used to believe we lived in a free country nothing is safe anymore doesn't matter whether it's legal or illegal or how many layers of encryption you think you have big brother is up our ass in Everything we do and has been for alot longer than most sheepeople know or even care nowadays

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Its sad but so true