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Beaker and Angus in the news again


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You guys are not kidding about the hulk body my buddy's used it and they were gimping around like the hunchback of notre dame big red whelps and they were all like it's works good I was like you know there are sources that are pip free I finally got them to try some gear I got em and they questioned wether it was real or not because it didn't cripple them I just laughed and walked away

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Well lets just open that can of worms. Some big green lab kept coming back at 100% purity while the users got serious infections. ..often. And blood tests posted showing it was not great at all. But look at who was paying the big money for those fake tests. And read the forum made by the green man himself.

Then the green labs rival.....not one infection noted, great reviews and showed only 70ish % while bloods were on par with great gear. Explain to me how 70% gear at 500mg makes a user hit 400-5000?

Who pays who? Who wagged the dog?

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Theres a rule to not name sources in forums so we use the basic nickname. As long as folks know who, the rest is easy to follow. Its unfortunate for the scientist.

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Lol I still have a bottle of nandro test blend that I got from a promo that I keep around bc I have a standing bet with my buddy's that whoever injects two ml's gets $250 lol I've had it for a year to say the least lol should take it to the range next time I go

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Skeet day! Haha

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Lol yep

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Poor dude, very smart guy had a lot to offer the world and goes down for something he didn't even take money for.

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Who would of thought. I live 20 mins from AU

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Fucking cunt informing on Wu, he obviously is as straight as it comes as he only excepted payment as a donation to the university to cover the cost of the test.

I hope that poor bastard got paid big bucks and stashed it away. Thanks for sharing.

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Agree. Smh....

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Yeah that's fucked up right

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Good bathroom reading....thank you.