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Continue to watch for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear. When these crop up, we ask God at once to remove them. We discuss them with someone immediately and make amends quickly if we have harmed anyone. Then we resolutely turn our thoughts to someone we can help.
The immediate admission of wrong thoughts or actions is a tough task for most human beings, but for recovering alcoholics like me it is difficult because of my propensity toward ego, fear and pride. The freedom the A.A. program offers me becomes more abundant when, through unremitting inventories of myself, I admit, acknowledge and accept responsibility for my wrong-doing. It is possible then for me to grow into a deeper and better understanding of humility. My willingness to admit when the fault is mine facilitates the progression of my growth and helps me to become more understanding and helpful to others.

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What is your strategy to make amends, ask God for help, try to help someone ETC. What i mean is these principles are for most situations in life everyday situations also. It seems like continued practice repetition and conscience awareness over time should help deal with the situation when it is here and now, instead of doing or saying the wrong thing and looking back and then you have to go over those certain things you feel may have caused some type of harm. If that makes sense, what do you do?

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The best advice I can say is get a home group, get a sponsor, get& stay active in the fellowship & have sponsor take u through the steps.
U have to be taken through the BIG BOOK!
A lotta folks think they just can read the steps, do then in a month and they’re good.
10x outta 10 they end up back at square one.
Page 417 of big book I read every day.
Patients tolerance & acceptance.
Get a sponsor who u feel comfortable telling ur deepest darkest secrets with. Be honest , if ur not ur only short changing urself bro.
4th step is when u clean house& accept we can’t change the past.
We gotta let those resentments go.
That’s the shame guilt & remorse ( baggage) we walk around with daily.
Go to a meeting raise ur hand and tell them u need a sponsor.
People will give u there #, take u to meetings and show the new way of life.
Remember, we’re not tryna fix our old life but we have started a new life

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Thanks Yukon~! I am an alcoholic., I am powerless over my disease. I have a choice today. I humbly ask God to remove my self-obsession= selfishness, resentments, and fears. Fear is a big one for me today. I am afraid for my Country, my family. I am afraid of people who make bad choices= using drugs. Our streets in Saint Louis MO are flooded with cheap heroin/fentanyl. 2 young men I know died recently of drugs.
I do feel God's love working in my life everyday.
I often think of passengers on RMS Titanic who had every reasonable expectation when they bought passage that they would arrive safely in New York. I suspect many of them began to pray for God's help when they realized Titanic was sinking, without enough life boats. I do not believe that was God's Will, but the result of poor choice by higher powers like Captain Smith and White Star Line. I use this as a metaphor.
Just for Today I will stay in the middle of the lifeboat using my 12-Steps.