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+ 1 TRT leading to relapse?

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There have been so many times in my life that good things led me to relapse. I know the world thinks that tragedy or bad times are what lead us to relapse. But there have been times for me where things got so good that I wanted to make them even better with alcohol or drugs and tried only to make everything worse.

Has anyone feared that happening with the great feelings that can come with boosting testosterone? I wonder before I start this journey if steroids have ever been linked to drug or alcohol relapse. I see all these youtubers talking about how there is no going back. Greg Doucette talks about how once you start, stopping is almost impossible because you'll always want to get that feeling back that testosterone gives. That sounds so much like my history with anything that makes me feel better. I've never done anything in moderation that made me feel better. My brain says if a little bit is good, more will be even better. It's why I call myself a more-aholic.

Just curious if anybody else has been concerned about this.

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I totally get what you are saying here Bud, I was like this too in my alcoholism days. Things are Bad - lets have a drink to numb it out, things are Great - lets have a drink to celebrate and make it even better!! I'm stressed - I need a drink, I'm depressed - I need a drink, we had ALL the reasons and more. I can only talk on this from my experience and how I feel on steroids, but now more than anytime I know my body is working much harder at its peak - Blood pressure has gone up, heart is working harder, Liver & Kidneys are working MUCH harder to cleanse and filter my blood and food. Therefore that alone makes me realise the severe impact and destruction adding alcohol into the mix will cause. Its already hard to stay hydrated on gear in the first place with all the added muscle and the sweating during the night - So imagine adding the dehydration you get from drink into the mix - NO Thankyou!!! You will feel like utter shite mate, I have asked others in the past what it feels like to have a night out in town while on gear and they all say you simply feel like DEATH the next day so after a decade and a half of constant hangovers, going back to the next day pain and depression is something I never want to experience ever again. Also when on gear or cycle now should be the time of upmost discipline and focus - 8 to 10 weeks of 110% effort into improving yourself in whatever area that is. Now is not the time for doing drugs, drinking, staying up late, missing meals, dealing with extra commitments and stress - if you feel you are susceptible to these things still then postpone the gear till another day. In regards to Idiots and 'Influencers' on Youtube, just remember that half of them have no idea of what they are talking about, and the other half are trying to come up with ideas for videos that will generate millions of views for those nice commissions. In general anything that creates fear or shock value will get a lot more views - Hence we get these Trenbolone videos telling everyone how they will go out and commit murder that very night if they even sniff a bit of the vial lol, steroids will give you uncontrollable roid rage etc. Just start with a low Test dose or TRT and get your feet wet, then take it from there and build gradually if you find its something you enjoy Smile

I know I went off on a bit of a tangent there as you were asking along the lines of TRT rather than a cycle, but I figure if you are getting into TRT then chances are you will probably want to cycle also further down the line. Its ultimately all down to your own Willpower bud as to the things you do whilst injecting.

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Feeling good and looking good, will take you to the next level with the females. I think what gets me into trouble more than anything is chasing those wild wild women.

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Yea bro I was a IV user and thought that using needles again would trigger me to use again, when istarted using gear i had substantial clean time , i think aboht 2 yrs or so and i was good, how long have you been clean for now?

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Same, Used IV drugs for years before getting clean in 2014. I had some of the same concerns but it hasn't been a problem or a trigger yet. Mostly I feel like cuz I'm on a different Journey with my health and in the gym. Have put in too much work to get where I'm at and to get big. I think it's even more of a motivator for me to stay clean at this point my life. I will say this though alcohol is a constant struggle for me I don't think it's because of trt or running Cycles though just a part of life that I'm going to have to deal with on a daily basis or drink until I die. Good luck!

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Well that's great to hear. I'll be coming up on 9 years. I know that sounds like a long time, but I swear for me it don't feel like that long. I know i'm only 1 drink or drug away from death which ain't very far any second of every day. I get what the old timers always said in meetings that you don't feel any further away than you do at 1 year. I don't think I'll make it through another relapse. That last time I was in and out of the emergency rooms and ambulances and given 6 months to live at 40 years old. I guess maybe the fear I have of it happening is a healthy fear.

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Damn, if that's the case brother it ain't worth it !! Stay natural and stay alive, there is a certain good feeling when your running gear that you will definitely like so I would go down this rabbit hole you've come to far brother.

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Dude I know exactly what you’re speaking on how I personally did it and I’ve been sober for 2 1/2 years and 7 treatment center later was going to an actual clinic for the first 6 months and being monitored and not allowed to abuse it. I was also also attending iop after treatment then did the 90 in 90 and have a sponsor. It’s not cheap but it helped me this time bro that’s just my experience. Bc every time after treatment when I started using test and stuff at 25 I did it my way and it didn’t work but that my story bro. I wish you all the best on your journey man lean on your higher power and I suggest getting a sponsor it’s what worked for me.

Feel free to fr me bro I’m always here if you wanna talk Brotha.

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I appreciate that a lot. That's where I've gone wrong, been doing it my way haven't had a sponsor in several years now. That and not focused on leaning on my higher power like I should. My spiritual life ain't like it was. I think that's where the fear is coming from after 9 years. I think this group may be huge for me as I start this. I don't think most people understand, especially not the will power will do it crowd. Will power put me in emergency rooms and overdoses. I sure will.

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Lol dude I totally get it get a sponsor bubba and take his suggestions. Hmu whenever

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Alright will do. Gotta get this damn brain right. lol

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Don't worry bro, I think it will pass. We all have some kind of addiction, some from sweets, some from steroids, some from people. But I don't think testosterone addiction can lead to alcoholism or drug addiction. Still, those are different things. But remember, everyone chooses their own path, the main thing is we are alive, enjoy this realization, watch your health and get tested on time. Then everything will be normal. Take care of yourself!

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