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Hey, thanks for accepting me to the group. My name is Drew and I've been clean 8mos come July 15, 2021. Alcohol(Beer) and opiates(Heroin IV) have been may main drugs of choice for over 20 years. This isn't my first go around getting sober. I've been sober(actively working the steps) sand going to meetings 4 times before. But communicating through this type of platform is foreign. I'll tell you what tho!!! This is the most I've shared in 2 months. Anyways, I just wanted to give a small introduction and am hoping to connect with some solid dudes that like to lift, aren't closed minded to AAS usage and want to stay sober? So , thanks again.

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Nice one Buddy on the 8 months with the drink, stay strong and whenever the urge becomes apparent always remind yourself of exactly why you are doing it and how you never want to feel like you are in UTTER HELL again Smile It always gets me in the supermarket, where I shop the spirits isle is right at the end where all the Ice creams are etc. THE place where I am now feeling thirsty Lol They have changed the look of all the shelves and lighting so it all looks really appealing and cool which of course gets my attention - But then I say to myself WTF are you thinking?? You wanna kiss goodbye to all the strength and muscle you've put on over a bloody drink that will inevitably lead me right back where I was - STOP thinking like a Dickhead and get on with the shopping LOL. AA really helped me that first week when I was so close to having a drink again after 5 days right in the middle of summer. I went to as many meetings as I could over the next few years and now I am 7 years and 1 month.


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Great job on 8 months keep it going

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Welcome, congratulations on ur 8 months. Dont take that away from urself. This time around i know my sobriety date. It keeps it in perspective for me. Its very important to remember the pain& consequences my disease brought me.
One day at a time .

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You should be proud of your self. And welcome brotha

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